At some point in your life, you were told to follow the rules, to be practical, to go after a life of comfort or achievement. At the same time, you have an inner voice whispering to you to follow your dreams, to fulfill a purpose, to live boldly. This inner voice, your authentic voice, it speaks in the language of “WHY”. How well are you listening?

About Tony Tsai

Often in higher education, the focus is on the “WHAT” and the “HOW”. Those are things which can be measured. Those are things which the mind is comfortable with. The “WHY”…well, that’s messy and uncomfortable, so we avoid it.


Tony Tsai is an educational innovator, reinventing higher education to bring greater balance between the “why” and the “how”.

He graduated with a degree in business from the Wharton School of Business, and after college, he served as an officer in the U.S. Army. He earned an MBA from Columbia Business School.

He has worked with thousands of students and faculty to promote a greater sense of meaning and purpose within their experience of education. In his leadership roles, he has helped lead changes in higher education curriculums towards greater learner leadership and empowerment.

About The Book

Do you wonder to yourself… What am I doing? What do I really want? How do I live more deeply and meaningfully?

Solving for “WHY” is written to help you ask the right questions and to have greater direction and fulfillment in your life.

Hey, I know how hard it is to sit quietly and reflect. That’s why there are many stories in the book, stories from learners like you and stories from the author’s own experience as a student, corporate recruiter, career adviser, faculty, and university administrator. The book also contains many specific exercises to help you consider meaningful questions such as… What is matters most to me? What kind of people do I need to know? How will I define success?

This book is meant for those who are interested in understanding their “WHY”.

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